P1 - The newest member of the family
The P1 is a smart smart fridge

Target groups

Other (25-80)


As for the young and for the elderly, it can be useful because of its mobility and the level of control.


It can be equipped with artificial intelligence with different characters depending on the ages of the owners and can display faces on the upper display.


Artificial intelligence calibrated for different ages.

Pain Point

His wheels can act as "legs" and thanks to the angles and angular mobility he can climb stairs and other obstacles.

Product in its environment

its artificial intelligence can perceive the owner's state and can make a favorable environment depending on the situation.

Product views

P1 is charged with wireless power and can be controlled by phone application.

Product in use

Because of its intelligence it can be used by all people (who have good intentions)

Additional info

This is the next step of the BB8 R2d2 project if the copyright collaboration is not approved

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