Miele Loop
Futuristic infrastructure that brings cold stuff to the specific point in a cool way

Target groups

Other (Applicable to mass population)


In the future, all of the infrastructure will be merged.

Hand delivery tend to be slow and inefficient. We belive even systems such as drones and robotics are not good approach for mass delivery as it would be hard for development and not good for environment of cities. Just imagine thousands of drones flying over cities.


Ways of transport will evolve from ones we are used to have nowadays.

Instead of trying to upgrade inefficient existing delivery systems, we are making new system.

New urban infrastructure for delivery will be best approach to efficient system of mass delivery.


Imagine to have a tunnel system (cold pressured air), like infrastructures of cities (electricity, heating, telecom., etc.), that will deliver cold products to a specific place. Our idea is to have pickup stations in main areas of cities that will be linked with a tube system. It will be easy to send products for delivery from the starting point, while customers would pick them up on pickup stations (home, etc.). Orders would be placed through an app, and customers would be charged online.

Pain Point

We believe that even old tubes,that are not being used at the moment in big cities, can be replaced with cold tubes for delivery. Underground infrastructure have a big potential for sustainable applicability in cities. Current (slow/risky) hand delivery can be faster, safer, optimized and automated.

Product in its environment

Customers would get a special code to their phone,once the payment have been processed. They will take the delivery by placing the code on the pickup station(home,etc.) Pickup stations will have underground storage implemented in the tube system, that will keep delivery cold for customer to pick up.

Product views

Imagine how society viewed first trams and metros. These tubes are to transform the food transport/delivery in the same way trams transformed cities in the last century. The system will be fast, completely digitalised and automatised.

Each station can be designed and become urban pavilion.

Product in use

In the first stage stations will be placed on most active areas in the city. Later, it will become a network spreaded throughout Cities.

Homes, Factories, Restaurants, etc. all can be attached to this network and form a connected structure of direct delivery system.

Additional info

How we vision approach to network. Sim1. Imagine if you are late for date, you can order cold vine, pick it up on closest station, date is saved. Sim2. Direct to home order of ingidient for lunch in less than 10 minutes. Sim3. The cheff at restaurant can order ingedients directly to kitchen.

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