A secured bike rack that is also a cooling delivery unit and a cooling bike trunk

Target groups

Other (People who own and ride their bicycle on a day-to-day basis)


More and more people turn to everyday bike commuting because of all the benefits that come with it. In bike-friendly cities like Berlin for example, there are more than 700 bicycles for 1000 residents. They are people who want to have a healthy life and a healthy planet.


At the end of the day, they need a place to safely park their bike near their building. At the same time, they also need a place where deliveries can be safely stored and kept cool if needed until they arrive home.


Miele Fresh Parking is a safe bike rack and also a safe delivery unit. The delivery man places the package and locks the unit by pressing a button on it. The owner simply parks the bike when he arrives home, takes out the package and enters the home, very simple, natural and convenient. The owner can also take the cooling box(without rack) to the supermarket or someplace else.

Pain Point

Theft is a big issue when it comes to package delivery and also bike parking. Miele Fresh parking offers a secure solution for packages that need cooling, packages that do not(cooling off) and bikes once you've installed on the frame the Miele lock that comes with the unit.

Product in its environment

Miele bike racks can be installed all over the city and be used by anyone with a Miele Fresh Parking sharing membership.

Product views

The unit can be used as a normal or cooling delivery box, a bike rack, and a bike trunk. It has solar cells on 3 of the sides(black ones) so there is never the need to be plugged in.

Product in use

The units can be shared among neighbors. With the Miele Fresh Parking sharing membership, they can use any free unit nearby as long as it hasn't been reserved in advance. The app will show them in real time where is the closest Fresh Parking and guide them.

Additional info

The cooling box locks to the stand with 2 locks on the sides. The bottom of the stand guides the bike into the right place. The bike locks to the box with the Miele lock installed securely on the frame.

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