Miele Auto-replenish Fridge
The center of a new fresh goods delivery ecosystem.

Target groups

Other (Every person who do not have time or do not like to go to the grocery store, have Internet connection at home.)


People in the digital age have a busy life, in the future they will avoid going to grocery stores and will expect to have everything they need readily available. Most of them are connected to the Internet. We already are in the digital age, everyone and everything will be connected soon, many technologies are evolving very quickly and we will see extraordinary advances on many fields. Technologies under development now like driverless vehicles will revolution transportation.


Miele Auto-replenish Fridge will work for almost every market. We have seen many great ideas here for appliances or boxes designed for the delivery of goods in absence that will be developed to keep adequate temperatures and conditions. Miele Auto-replenish Fridge could compliment those ideas (or even replace them) since we have a different approach.


It is capable to manage the “inventory” at home and to order goods by itself. Customers use the app or the fridge touch screen to define which items are located in every IoT-enabled position of the fridge, replenishment frequency and delivery schedule. Grocery store receives data of out-of-stock items and keeps a virtual shopping cart for each user, prepares and ships. Driverless cars deliver the shopping bag 24x7. User opens the door using the app. Everything aligned to user preferences.

Pain Point

The main issue addressed on this case is the delivery in absence. We think the problem is not the absence by itself, it is the lack of capabilities in the market to deliver according to the customer schedule and needs. In the digital age sellers must adapt to customer needs.

Product in its environment

We have seen ideas for many great delivery boxes and even a driverless delivery car! We should enable our fridge to be the center of the solution using tech like IoT, cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence. Is not possible for just one company to build a great solution without collaboration.

Product views

Custom mobile application will enable the user to define which items occupy which positions in the refrigerator, define his availability and frequency to receive orders, track deliveries, review invoices and payments.

Same features are available in the touch screen located in front of the fridge.

Product in use

In the digital age, we can connect any appliance to the Internet and collect gigabytes of data every minute. Miele Auto-replenish Fridge will order goods in real-time, allowing the connected grocery stores to maintain a virtual shopping cart for their customers and dispatch under a planned schedule.

Additional info

1.SETUP: Defines items located on every position, order frequency, schedules deliveries 2.ORDER: Detects & orders missing items 3.SHIPPING: Receives orders, keeps virtual shopping cart, prepares order, confirms, ships, charges the user 4.DELIVERY: 24x7 based on schedule and user availability

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