Miele Hive
A cooler placed at window to catch and protect fresh charcuterie & grocery goods delivered by drones

Target groups

Other (Young white colar workers who suffer from long working hours or intense social life so much that can not make time for mandatory daily activities like grocery shopping.)


Young employees are special king of target group. They have an active lifestyle between work and social activities yet they still want order and healthiness in their diet. When it comes to daily routines like grocery shopping in their intense lifestyle, well there iş always no time for that. Even if is it is not so regular.


In these limited time ordering home may be a great solution yet it comes with new problems like safety and preservation. The problems augmented when the subject is charcuterie. So the solution has to be fast, safe and cool to satisfy the customers needs in wide spectrum.


If we place the order in front of the door it would expose to public and safety issues may occur and increase. Every apartment has its own window, so why not use your home secured window instead of a public door. The concept is reinforced by todays upcoming trend drone cargo. A fast delivery by drones also good for preservation of charcuterie goods. A small refrigerator that is placed at the window that takes the good from the drone and preserve it till the customer comes is a safe and cool way.

Pain Point

When it comes to charcuterie goods like meat, chease or fish the rotting is a matter of time and safety is essential so the delivery has to be fast and preservation has to be cold and private.

Product in its environment

Adjustable to fit any type of window. Thanks to its modular construction by simply changing the horizontal parts, it can adapt to any size of window. Has 2 access one opens to outside & limited by the drone-use only. The other is inside the privacy of the customers house limited by only the hosts

Product views

It is a small cooler placed at the window. İt function as a mailbox with landing platform. The outer door of the product is a landing platform for the cargo drones to leave the order. When the drone get close asist cam locks on the drone and interacts with the Iot to give directives for landing

Product in use

Customer gives the order, drone takes the goods from grocery and transports to the adress. It communicates with Hive and drops the order to the landing platform. The door closes and Hive starts to cool the product until the customer comes.

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