Car Delivery (Smart Lock)
The delivery system can see the location of the car and can unlock the boot to deposit the order

Target groups

Other (Anyone who has a car and orders delivery)


You do not have time for shopping and always rely on home delivery. But you are not at home most of the time and afraid of food spoilage, stealing or tampering with goods if left in front of the door.

You do not favor sharing lockers in the lobby with others, and do not prefer to have a box that welcomes you on the front door no matter what the beauty, efficiency and safety. Plus you do not imagine the existence of such a box big enough to accommodate the multiple items/orders you need daily.


You need a large box that accommodates all your orders and more, ensures safety and privacy requirements, maintains items that require a certain temperature and is available to the delivery men at any time without your presence.

Is there a box larger, safer or more private than your car boot? The car provides an ideal mobile drop up/pick up point at any time of the day whether you are riding or parking. All you need is a service ensures a safe and reliable delivery directly into your car boot.


Our device unlocks the car boot to the delivery man who keeps track of your car via GPS until he finds the perfect place and time for delivery. The device is connected to your miele@mobile app to make you always aware of what is going on in your car.

Inside the boot there is at least one well insulated thermal box with high end materials & tech that keeps food cold/hot for the longest time needed. And there is enough space for any other orders or purposes that do not need special requirements.

Pain Point

Can you imagine going back home; to find in front of the door bags of groceries and vegetables, along with medicines, books and a new tennis racket, and next to all that dry-cleaning? Also, what about your eyeglasses forgotten at a friend's house and the work files sent by the secretary for review?

Product in its environment

The device is QR code scanner with built in mic, speaker and 2 cameras. It is connected to GPS and Internet, and can control boot lock and alarm system.

In addition to a high efficiency folded thermal box/boxes to achieve max. utilization of available space and best distribution of multiple items.

Product views

Making an order; the app will send a unique QR code to the supplier. When the delivery man reaches the car the device will scan the QR code. Correct code unlocks the boot and the delivery man can drop/distribute the order in the boot.

The device will not allow anyone to use the same code again.

Product in use

Once the QR code is scanned; app is notified, ext. camera is ON and a video stream is transmitted.

After scanning the correct code; int. camera is ON and live broadcast of both cameras is displayed.

When the boot is closed; int. camera is OFF and ext. continues until delivery man has moved away.

Additional info

By scanning the QR code; the device will beep as long as the lock is open and the app will allow having a voice chat with the delivery man.

Entering a wrong code or tampering with the device; the alarm will be activated and the ext. video stream will continue until the intruder has moved away.