The perfect helping hand to enable the bush family to run the busy household

Target groups

Other (All)


This idea covers all target groups from busy family’s to elderly and immobile persons who need support within the home


Every group has different needs but at its core they are very similar. A busy family need to be prepared in the morning rush and the evening regrouping - house work and food is always the last thing on the to do list - this is why we have poor eating habits and lots of food waste. Elderly and immobile people my struggle to complete the tasks they were once able to perform. This can lead to added stress and dependencies


The solution is mechanical arms fitted to the ceiling of each house... company’s are developing the capability to drop off shopping and customers letting in the delivery person - what if you could take a picture of a meal on an app and set the meals you want daily the food is then ordered by the Miele choremaster and delivered daily (less food waste) these arms would be linked to all Miele appliances so it would store the food, cook the food and clean the plates

Pain Point

Taking receipt of the food, storage of the food, food wastage, food planning, food preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning

Product in its environment

Rails installed on the ceiling would allow for the unrestricted movement of the appliance around the property - high enough to carry items without risk of injury

Product views

Updated by an app, controlled by a centralised system and able to be requested by linking into a voice activated system

Product in use

The end users (family and carers) would have access to the appiance through a dedicated app (if out of the home) and voice activation / App in the property. The appliance would be able to schedule and order food daily reducing the need for a lot of storage and waste. It would help with the laundry

Additional info

Accepting delivery’s into the home is the easy part - reducing waste & revolutionising the way we use our home and appliances is what we need to do by 2025 Having an appliance that can make you your coffee in the morning, prepare the packed lunch - order replacement food when needed and do laundry