cool cargo e-scooter
cargo e-scooter station in combination with cooling unit

Target groups

Other (young active working people )


the target group is working and many times not at home, because of actitivities outside and meating friends


So the delivery at home is not possible, but make sense on their daily route.


There are stations with cargo e-scooters with cooling units for the cargo boxes. The delivery comes to the choosen station to be taken home to a picnic to go, a meeting with friends ....and can be carried easy and cool to the places for need...especially easy to reach the refridgerator in homes to store the delivery directly and park the scooter inside. That there will be no missuse, with the food order, you sign a contract to rent and have to pay a high bail, if no return to station.

Pain Point

carry easy and cooled over longer distance with fun and no efforts, be flexible, easy to reach the refridgerator to store directely and park safely in home, until you return to the station

Product in its environment

how it works

Product views


Product in use

how it works

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