Miele provides first fridge system for package-less delivery service

Target groups

Other (People that want to avoid plastic packages, people that want quality ready prepared food)


There is a lot of waste produced by food packagings. Half of the grocery consists of plastic materials that need to be opened and thrown away afterwards. The current food industry creates a lot of pollution. Package design is needed to provide information on the food and to promote the product. Another pain point is that different kinds of packages are hard to order and to keep track of inside the fridge.


In order to avoid unnecessary pollution packaging must be reduced. The customers will still need a way to get information on the product. To offer package-less food a retailer service has to offer products without packages and make them fit into reusable boxes. Fresh vegetables could get sold washed and chopped to provide a comfortable cooking experience.


The food is presented via digital media to avoid packaging. A smart fridge will take care of expiry dates and other information needed. A food retailer will provide food in special cubes for the the Miele smart fridge. The cubes work as packaging and are reusable and easy to open and close. They perfectly organise food inside in a multi drawer system. Any information on the food inside the customer will get via digital labels. Cubes can get heated and washed by the Miele smart fridge.

Pain Point

Traditional food products create a lot of waste and are hard to order inside the fridge. The Miele smart fridge will provide the first frige to provide food without packaging. The collaboration with online packageless food delivery will provide a digital order system for food.

Product in its environment

The cubes will be used as reusable packaging system. Fridge with drawer to the hall way makes it possible to fill the drawers from the backside.

Another way for delivery is the cooling dock station for doors. Cubes get docked and cooled. Transport all cubes at once by using an integrated trolley.

Product views

Each box has a chip with food infos and expire date. In 2025 the chip can project infos as hologram. The infos are used to make meal suggestions or provide diet plans.

"Miele, inspire me!" or "Miele, what's for lunch?" A screen on the smart fridge listens & displays all food options available.

Product in use

In the morning the breakfast drawer of the fridge works as tray to get the food on the table.

The cubes will have hologram labels with all necessary information (2025). The material is glass or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is very robust an cannot break. Both are perfect for heating and cooling.

Additional info

The Miele smart fridge keeps track of its content and can order new packageless food according to demand or diet plan. Moreover the fridge has an inbuilt dishwasher option and a heating option.

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