incubator 2025
Miele 2025, provide fresh food without delivery.

Target groups

Other (People that want to be independent from delivery and supermarkets.)


The traditional way to get fresh food is to buy it at the supermarket or order it online. In the end it needs a lot of logistics and creates a lot of pollution: delivery trucks, packaging and energy for supermarkets. After the food is consumed one needs to buy new food.


In 2025 there should be a way to reduce logistics and pollution while getting fresh food into the house.


Like cooking a fish without melting the ice, Miele will provide fresh food without delivering it. In 2025 new food technologies make it possible to produce food at home: Vegitables and Meat can be grown already:

The Miele smart fridge will be the perfect way to produce fresh food at home.

Pain Point

Traditional ways to get fresh food requires a lot of logistics and create a lot of waste.

Product in its environment

The Miele incubator produces food itself. It is connected to a water pipeline. It can grow plants, meat. It can produce drinks and milk products.

Product views


Product in use