Bravo: home buddy
a small drone integrated in the refrigerator

Target groups

Other (everybody)


Everyday life makes us more and more committed. We are never at home, and if we are at home we have so many things to do. This happens to everyone.


We need someone to help us, who receives refrigerated products for us, that is intelligent and evolved and that is an integral part of our kitchen.


Bravo is a drone integrated into the refrigerator. When the delivery boy comes to the house, the bluetooth signal emitted by the delivery boy calls Bravo, who comes out of his dock in the refrigerator and through the small door integrated in the entrance door, receives the package and returns to the refrigerator. simply perfect and discreet. no product is left outside the door. the delivery is safe, because Bravo moves only with the signal of the Miele deliveries.

Pain Point

The sore point is to receive products when we are not at home, or we are busy, but above all the main point is NOT LEAVE THE PRODUCTS. A container left outside the door can be stolen, it can get wet, it can be attacked by animals. With the BRAVO system, all these problems are solved.

Product in its environment

when Bravo is stored in his dock in the refrigerator it is practically invisible

Product views

This is Bravo.

Product in use

Bravo, your smart buddy.

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