Modular PolarBox
Three models that can be combined in any way you want connected to one central command panel.

Target groups

Other (Families living in both tower buildings with multiple apartments or individual houses on ground.)


They need to store food and beverages delivered in their absence into a cooled and safe space until they arrive home and are able to pick them up. The main problem in my opinion is the total quantity of deliveries that needs to be stored depending on the number of families that are living in the same house.


A configurable system is needed that can be adjust depending on the client needs.


My solution is consisting into a number of three models Ice Boxes with different sizes (1x, 2x, 3x) that are interconnected via wireless connection with a central control unit that is connected to the internet. For one system you need one or more boxes and one control unit. The number of boxes can differ from one system to another depending on the families that are sharing.

Pain Point

The pain point of this idea is the use of the system by multiple families, "Sharing mode". This will be done with the active help of the CPU unit and the weight calculation system installed in every ice modules. The system can indicate if you pick up the wrong package.

Product in its environment

The design is minimalistic and robust. Can be placed both inside or outside.

Product views

You can choose from multiple color options to fit in any environment.

Product in use

1-Place the order via app to the delivery company

2-Delivery time

3-The delivery man arrived and will use the code provided from you to unlock the box and place the order inside

4-You receive confirmation that your goods have arrived

5-You unlock the machine using your app

6-Pick up your goods

Additional info

This system can detect and announce if you or other user pick up a wrong bag. The goods should be labeled with a special code that needs to be scanned by the CPU when you pick them up. The CPU will calculate the weight loss and combined with the right code it will allow you to lock the device.