Automatization on demand - Smart cooling & delivery service
Self-driving smart electric vehicle with adjustable cooling cells by Miele, available on demand 24/7

Target groups

Other (All modern people who rely on digitalization and value sustainability and eco-friendly premium personalized services for year 2025 and beyond)


Ordering for delivery is the future, especially regarding any kind of shopping or convenience food. But so far, any delivery system has one major drawback: If the recipient is absent, it gets tricky - especially when it comes to delicate goods that need cooling, like groceries, beverages or even medications! There is a catch - most modern people are on the move. They might want a delivery at other spot than home/office, but their location is constantly changing and hard to specify in advance.


Why you have to solve a problem if you can avoid it altogether? With current and upcoming technology, there are ideal solutions to go around the pain point of "recipient isn't home to receive a delivery". Eco-friendly, also autonomous and user-centered, suitable for any age, family situation, home, work, urban or rural setting, any lifestyle. The solution to our 2025's delivery needs is a self-driving smart electric vehicle with adjustable cooling cells, available on demand 24/7, everywhere!


Order through an app and specify your delivery, 24/7. This completely solves the problem of "not being home" and offers the most comfortable moment for anyone around the clock, with precision up to a minute. Why home? Better WHEREVER YOU ARE, thanks to modern technologies such as AI and GPS! A key feature - adjustable cooling cells by Miele inside the vehicles, which allow various products to be transported at their advised temp, ensuring product's optimal consumption temperature on the spot.

Pain Point

The main pain point nowadays is that people order online, but not all of them are home when delivery arrives. Delivery services are rarely customizable, meaning end users don't have to say when time is right for them, even if ordered goods include foods, beverages and especially medicine.

Product in its environment

In 2017 London became the first city with somehow futuristic delivery service. In 2025 demand will be far greater and vehicles will be smarter and many. Cooling cells will offer personalized temp, be numerous and spacious, still keeping self-driving vehicles compact and suitable for city navigation.

Product views

A huge benefit is that end users don't need to invest anything in order to take advantage of this 24/7 autonomous delivery solution. Just use an app, order desired products and specify when/where delivery happens, including on-the-go in real time. No infrastructure modification, subscriptions, etc.

Product in use

Once the "smart vehicle cooled by Miele" arrives at destination or locates a customer, it notifies which exact cells contain ordered products and unlocks them. Goods are sorted according to their recommended storage temperature and are already laid in convenient transportation bags. Simple as that!

Additional info

Cooling cells with custom temperature, combined with autonomous delivery within a tight timeframe, anywhere, will guarantee that food, beverages and medicine will be stored at their recommended temp and received in top condition by customers. Everyone uses the service without any upfront investment!

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