ATMO • SPHERE is a simple solution to keep food/drinks cool or hot, with minimum effort.

Target groups

Other (Miele will produce this device for those companies which are making any kind of food/drinks deliveries.)


Small or large companies which are making frequently food/drinks deliveries, need a solution to deliver costumer orders in a fresh condition, even if it means cold or hot products.


For the time being, it is impossible to maintain fresh food/drink for a longer time, meaning up to 4 hours delivery time carrying with an ordinary car/truck.


Miele will produce this new simply shaped device called ATMO • SPHERE, that will take care of the goods condition until they are delivered, no matter how weather is. The maintenance for this products will be ensured by Miele, which also will provide the small wireless charging adaptors for them.

Pain Point

In most of the cases you don't want to receive goods with improper condition, and then have to spend some long time to cool down or to warm up them and enjoy them. Also the delivery companies don't want to spent a lot for this and buy some extra frigo trucks, etc. They want a reliable solution.

Product in its environment

ATMO • SPHERE can be placed in all types of thermal bags (also the cheapest) which have an aluminium insulation inside.

Product views

ATMO • SPHERE is a small product size device, covered with foam insulation to prevent damage of the goods transported. Has a strong battery with a wireless charging capacity. With the touch screen display it can be set up the perfect temperature level needed to conserve each type of goods.

Product in use

ATMO • SPHERE device can be used for cooling or for warming interior bag or storage container depending the case (cool beer delivery or hot pizza delivery. The battery can be charged wireless also on the move , with any small wireless changer. Also has a small display with important info there.

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