MelPk 1.0
This is a packet with integrated thermal protection which will preserve the inside temperature same.

Target groups

Other (Small family, Couple, Single Person, Student, Age 18-40, Busy, Workholic)


Our customer is a couple, where both the partners are super busy with office and personal engagement. Also they want to have a meal together. But they neither have time to go to restaurant nor to cook. So, they ordered their favorite pizza and ice-cream for dinner. But, someone has to collect it from shop or has to be in apartment. And, they used to have a walk riverside or exercise and then will go to home. Again, they want to have the pizza hot and the ice-cream not to be liquid. What to do?


If we can stop the heat transfer from the delivery packet then, the inner product will stay much longer in its original shape/state. The packet should be easy to carry for the deliveryman and come in different size for different orders. It should be disposable and customer can have the option to keep it for personal use (after paying for it) or to return it back to the shop. A FD box or a cabinet of boxes can be placed with auto lock for delivery, which can be controlled with customer's cell.


So, we have made a packet with 5 layers where we include two layer of aluminium foil and felt between foils to create a strong solid heat screen. Also using zip poly lock make the packet airtight. A plastic eyelet has given for easy carrying and keeping. Using recycle and organic product makes it environment friendly. The most inner layer is a newly developed bio-polythene from jute fiber in Bangladesh. So, the item kept hygienic. A FD box with number will be in front of house/apt for delivery.

Pain Point

'Temperature Protection' phase, where the outermost is a regular packing material from recycle waste with lamination of organic polythene. Then the first aluminium foil layer made from recycle aluminium. Then a felt and another layer of ALU foil. Lastly, organic polythene from Jute for hygiene.

Product in its environment

This packet can be carried easily and delivered when there is none to receive. The FD box has auto lock and will set automatically when order placed and paid. The materials used in the packet are either recycled or organic, keeps the environment clean and helps in having the nature's good effect.

Product views

Here is the product with other two trims. The eyelet will give ease in carrying (for deliveryman) and keeping (in shop and home). The zip poly lock technique to close the packet will make it easy to access, but airtight in the same time.

Product in use

The packet will deliver to the STRONGHOLD, which has a auto lock, made when order placed and paid with client's initial and last four digit of transaction number. It is connected with client's cell and public profile. Deliveryman will deliver to the mentioned FD box number during order placement.

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