the coolest way to save and enjoy food wherever and whenever

Target groups

Other (everybody who usually order delivery food, specially these ones who usually enjoy it out of home)


Every day there is more people joining this target group and ordering delivery food. They are getting used to an easy, convenient and almost instantaneous service. They don't usually plan how, when and where order delivery food.


Eating is a human primary need, and people not only do that for surviving, they want to enjoy it, it is a social experience, a ritual. Food delivery is a trend, it is increasing day by day and at totally worldwide level. People order food whenever and wherever, and they are expecting a good and, the most important, quick service. Time is gold. The biggest problem I saw from the research observation is the large number of single use products used, such as plastic boxes and cutlery.


pickeat is a food box that can maintain the appropriate food conservation conditions for a long time, guaranteeing a good quality and health. The particularity is its big and resistent security lock, that allows to attach it at any place waiting the user to unlock and open it. This product is not only designed to save food near your home for pick it when you come back from work, it is also for directly enjoy the meals at any outdoor place, bringing the picnic experience to the next level.

Pain Point

As Zygmunt Bauman said; we all live in a liquid society, it means everything is constantly changing, and it is happening very fast. So, we don't have time, and we don't have time to plan, and to cook or eat either, even being a primary need.

Product in its environment

any place is fine to lock and use pickeat; close to your home for bring the fresh food to your place or in any picnic area to just pick it, enjoy the meal and leave it again. There is not pre installation needed, it is a completely portable and mobile solution, with a long autonomous.

Product views

pickeat offers multiple configurations to save differents kinds of food and meals, adapting to every user, scenario and situation. With a safe waterproof closing system, avoiding thermal, hygienic and health issues. And always using ecofriendly materials with long life cycles.

Product in use

pickeat works as a big security lock; the delivery company attach the box to any point near the location requested, send a notification by smartphone and only the customer can unlock, open and enjoy the food buyed.

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