Cool AiR
AI incorporated through all the process, from the air.

Target groups

Other (- Hospitals and on-site emergency (organs, blood); - remote families; - residential parks; but can be issued for more and more people, especially for the delivery assistance. )


It will start with emergency situation but will deploy for usual customers very fast. - Hospitals, Big Supermarkets - Remote homes - Residential parks


Having a Cool - AiR delivery, more and more people will be interested in Miele Technology. The first clients can be Hospitals, big Supermarket business and all those who need the cooling characteristic and also a non-presence regarding the receiver. Very fast the future homes (residential or remote ones) will have this service incorporated in order to attract more customers.


The solution involves the following components:

  1. High Tech Drone with power supply and also solar panels that can fly without any problem long distances in "space and time" :)
  2. A program of delivery based on a 5-6 generation GPS with an error span below 1 cm.
  3. Command centers all over (usually will be incorporated in the supplier business - Hospital, Supermarket, Army etc)
  4. The receiver - After the order is placed the drone will come above and let the load off in a cool AiR storage.

Pain Point

The "storage box" can be a light refrigerator that can have a a special "vault" build next to the house / inside the house (if is planned in the house construction plans from the start). The Home receiver has a pass code, full control via phone/apps and it can be easily refilled / authorized remote.

Product in its environment

The same idea as in the previous slide, here we can have it on the block. Can be also a place next to it (like a small building where each flat have their own "Storage Box - Refrigerator" and can pick up the groceries when they arrive home. Like a Mail but fully computerized.

Product views

  • build-in storage cases for each Receiver
  • not a SF design, more like a light refrigerator carried by a drone controlled by a computer trough precise GPS
  • can be a next step innovation because is faster, cheaper, taking out the human errors using a Ai that will not complain or take a break

Product in use

Once the box is empty > its marked on the map > can be lifted up by the first drone passing by > saves time and makes the Home Receivers ready for refill (if the owner makes it available). the Consumer pays for the groceries & "the service" the rest is between Miele and a tech/logistic/market firm

Additional info

Once the box is empty, its marked on the map and it can be lifted up by the first drones passing by >> in this way it saves time and makes the Home Receivers ready for refill

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