Miele Kangaroo Box
Not only keeping the good fresh, this box will also help people on checking the good.

Target groups

Other (Female, 20 to 50 who love to shop online, especially grocery.)


The vast majority of grocery shopping online has taken place recently. Shopping online has become the need for entire community, not only the rich. The target group like to shop online, but mostly they work and not at home when their shopping list is delivered. Usually the delivery boy just leave the good outside the house. But the weather (especially in the hot sunny day) is the big problem when leaving delivery good outside, especially for grocery.


How Miele, as the world’s household electronics, have a product that can help shopper receiving good, keeping the good fresh, affordable by all classes, easy to install and not make the delivery cost go higher.

The products must also have features (beyond just to keep goods fresh) that enhance customer experience when receiving goods.

This product also should be feasible, able to be massively produced and sold in 2025, which is just less than 7 years ahead. So, it should not jump too big.


  1. It can scan items and match with order list. If any items missing, damage or expired the box notify user through smartphone.
  2. It requires refrigerator or AC, but it's sold separately from them. People don't have to replace the old fridge.
  3. It's simplicity makes it affordable.
  4. It doesn't need too much changes to the delivery's packaging, so online store still be able to give best prices to shopper.
  5. Online store can work with Miele to provide the box to its shopper to get loyalty.

Pain Point

It uses the cause of the problem (solar thermal) as part of the solution. 1. Sunshine heat the water in the box. 2. By the delivery schedule, the box pump the hot water from outer chamber into inner chamber. 3. The box ask fridge to freeze the water by distributing cold air through the hose.

Product in its environment

The box can be on the porch or in the front yard. The box is firmly attached to the ground or wall. The box can not be moved by bare hand, so thieves will get difficulties to break it. User don't have to make holes in doors or walls that are at risk of inviting thieves or animals entering the house.

Product views

Products in different view with its important components.

Product in use

It open automatically when delivery boy scan the waybill barcode to the box; or when user open it with their phone. It scan the items with some 3D camera in the box (take pictures, recognize texture, color, and determine item). Work best when delivery uses Eco friendly transparent bag.

Additional info

Additional feature. It might not all people need it, so it's sold separately to not make the price jump.

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