Miele Mate
A doormat with heating and cooling function through Peltier cooling

Target groups

Other (Everyone who needs a smart solution for receiving cool|hot products.)


Life becoming more and more fast so people don't have time to receive products by themselves. Through this tendency people order more goods like food, groceries and medication online and they need a place to store it till they arrive home.


Therefore people need a place where the goods can stay chilled|warm till they arrive at home. This place needs to be well integrated in there actually live conditions and needs to be as easy and accessible as possible.


Every door has a doormat, thats where people put there shoes or the delivery man puts the package. Thats a perfect point for an natural integration. The Solution is a double-sided customizable doormat called Miele Mate (Mate English for friend). Equipped with Peltier cooling modules one side will be warm and the other cold. One will be for chilling deliveries the other for warm deliveries like pizza etc. and of course for warming your shoes. The best, usable for everyone without expert knowledge

Pain Point

Most products lack of a natural integration and emotional quality. As well have only one specific use. Miele Mate is the most natural integration to the place in front of your door as a customizable cooling and heating mat easy usable for everyone. Miele Mate the footmat of 2025.

Product in its environment

Miele Mate is double - sided one for cooling and one for heating. A weight sensor detects the goods and the mat starts to warm or cool only on the spot where the package is dropped. Although it reports the receive to users smartphone. Anti theft can be combined with the weight sensor.

Product views

Miele Mate is super easy to use for everyone. Plug it in and you are ready to go. In front of the door to receive cold or hot product. Inside your home to warm your shoes or for anything you want to keep hot or cold. Evan in the car, plug in and warm or cool your stuff.

Product in use

Miele Mate adapts to already existing system. Placing the package in front of the door, holding it hot|cold till you pick it up. Moreover Miele Mate allow easy sharing between neighbors and others and as an extra, gives Miele a great stage for promotion in front of everyones door.

Additional info

The mat can still be developed a few different directions. Thats the basic concept based on further research the Miele Mate although could work with special Miele Boxes for an equal cooling process or equipped with an synthetic hood.

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