MieleRobot(ic ATV)
An Autonomous Vehicle (also with a driver)

Target groups

Other (All Delivery Providers and Their Customers; Shoppers, Outdoor-Fans, Carriers etc.)


The Target Group (use/r) is wide.

The target group is especially person (individual); also the delivery firms can use it as a multi-platform (commercial, in different (larger) sizes), to deliver to the near addresses.


They need a cold-chain (cold-box/product) and a simple box/vehicle.

The interactive vehicle/robot solves the needs.



Robotic ATV, Transformers-Like ATV, Foldable ATV etc

An Autonomous Vehicle (also with a driver)

It carries the (cold-)products to the addresses via GPS.

It includes an interactive screen; for the address entry, the digital-lock, the temperature regulator, the payments via the screen, the camera (photos for users) etc.

Pain Point

If the customer is absent, it goes to the customer or to the alternative address, or waits the customer.

The digital-lock can be opened via pincode (for security).

Also it can be included a camera/beeper for unauthorized-users.

Product in its environment

Its appearance can be glowing and blue (cold-connotation).

Product views

MieleRobot(ic ATV) can be a Transformers-Like ATV, a Foldable ATV etc.

Also it can be in different designs; a robotic atv, or a robotic vehicle (a mini car, like Transformers), or an animal (for children or animal-lovers) etc.

Product in use

The product use can be simple; like a pad/tablet, or an ATM, or a kiosk, etc.

It can be a delivery-box, a delivery-vehicle/drone, an outdoor-helper (a carrier), an interactive screen, etc.

Also it can be in different forms; for example, an animal (bird, cat, dog etc) for animal-lovers.

Additional info

The Product combines the robot (digital world) and the delivery vehicle (ATV).

Via the touch-screen, the vehicle/atv can be interactive.

Also the screen can be used for related-contents; the recipes, the kitchen tips, MieleNetwork etc.