New design approach for integrating technology to keep food&drinks cool for a short period of time.

Target groups

Other (People who live alone or two, usually consume frozen and cold food & beverages and are enthusiastic about integrate new technologies into their lives)


With intelligent technologies, people's life styles are changing constantly and they want to substitute the innovative solutions for the traditional systems which they used. The targeted user group is who wants to utilise the time more efficiently while improving the quality of their lifestyle. Users are paying attention too much to how much time they have to spend in including a new system or a product design into their lives. Unique design is a decisive criterion for demanding the product.


As a result of the observations, the purpose would be to expand the possibilities of existing products & services by making them more practical and easier to use by observing of changing global lifestyle. Nevertheless, at this point the biggest problem for users is the too complex, difficult user interfaces and understanding how the new smart systems work. At the same time, developing a trend product or service design plays an important role in establishing brand loyalty among users.


Clipcool is a new generation fridge design consist of a combination of an integrated cooler device and a thermal cold bag that keeps foods or drinks cool for a short period of time. The wall-mounted cooling device is designed for blowing a cold air into the thermal bag, allowing the user to keep cool the foods & beverages during their absence. The mentioned thermal bag provides a specially insulated space to keep the contents cold. The system simply works with the QR code technology.

Pain Point

Thanks to a Clipcool's changeable bag design, it can be purchased in different sizes easily to suit customer needs. When the period of use is over, users can get a deposit by giving a recycling.Furthermore, Clipcool's bag can be stored directly in users own fridge with keeping the foods in this bag.

Product in its environment

The wall-mounted cooler unit can be located near your front door. Thanks to the easily detachable insulated bag, the foods can also be stored in the refrigerator. This system makes the carrying the products and placing them into the fridge easier for the user.

Product views

This product works with the QR code given after online shopping. This code is avaible only for the customer and the dealer. The lock of the detachable part can be opened with the QR code and the loading process can be done with this code.

Product in use

First, user does shopping online.Supplier sends QR code to the customer. The distributor brings the order, installs the spacially insulated thermal bag to the wall-mounted cooler unit and locks the system via QRcode. When the user comes home, picks up the bag by showing the QRcode on the phone.

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