miele chill box
It is an easy to mount chill box, that can be mounted outside of your house on the wall

Target groups

Other (Male, Female, 22-55, techy, )


i think teh best target group at the beginning would be young parents who don`t have to much time. They have kids to grow, and money to make to make a good living for their family. A lot of times when the kids are little they need help from the family to take care for the babies and kids when they are shopping or going out, so they would like to get food delivery at a higher level, like chilled goods.


The conclusion is to target young parents who don`t have that much time to do the shopping.


I think my solution is the most practical way of doing a custom deposit for chilling goods.

Pain Point

i think with modern technology we can creat small refrigerator units with pretty good energy consumption if we include solar panels and microchips. It even can use the cold air from fridge if it is connected to it. And the most important is that it can be controlled by your smart phone.

Product in its environment

It can be mounted like an air condition unit inside the house.

Product views

technical part of idea

Product in use

Easy to use

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