MIELE ELEVATE Pater Noster System
The Miele ELEVATE can be mounted to every appartement door using pater noster elevator system.

Target groups

Other (People who own or rent an appartement, especially in crowded cities. Working couples age 20-65. ELEVATE and it`s app works in cooperation with super markets and convenience stores.)


Due to long working days, people don´t want to spend their little free time in super markets. But they want to eat healthy and fresh food. To have always fresh fruits and vegetables or other cooled products in their refridgerator, it requires to go for shopping several times a week. They also want to be sure that their delivered products are secured and not accessible by strangers, so they want a personal system and not a shared space for the products they already payed for.


A cooling system is required that is personal, safe and reliable. People need to have full control over their orders and a retrace information for the status and delivery time for multiple delivery. The only thing they have to do, is to put the delivered products into their kitchen refridgerator if they want to free the space in the system for next day deliveries.


Miele ELEVATE combines the old technology of a pater noster elevator with latest technology for partial refridgeration and entrance door security. It can be mounted to every entrance door, makes the door even more secure and is only accessible with a security delivery code from the outside. It can handle multiple deliveries and cools the products as long as needed. Products that don´t need to be cold, can be stored seperatly to revent waste of energy.

Pain Point

From the outside the only visible part is at the upper part of the door. The system opens after the delivery man enters his security code. Time,date and delivery shop name will be saved in the system software.

Product in its environment

3 stills of the opening. When the system is open, the first box at the top can be opened and filled. after the box is closed the delivery man pushes the chill button, if the specific box requires cooling. When the the delivery process is done, the system closes by finger print on the display.

Product views

From inside the door. The customer can open the device like a normal refridgerator and see on the display on the upper right, when and from whom he/she received deliveries this day.

Product in use

The order is done by the Miele delivery app. The customers can see exactly how much space is left in the boxes and order accordingly. Order history and payments are saved in the app.

Additional info

The system is available in 3 sizes: 3box-5box-7box. About six boxes equal the volume of a standard shopping cart. The pater noster elevator system opens, and gives access only to the lower empty boxes for the d-man to fill. at the second delivery, the filled boxes won´t come out again.

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