Jump into the next level of jovoto!


jovoto.private is the professional level of jovoto. We want to encourage all creatives out there that are not yet part of the jovoto private layer and want to show their skills to apply for it.  

There are lots of outstanding projects coming up in the private layer in 2014 and we kindly invite you to show your skills – we will invite the best submissions and creatives to the next level. Collaborate with professional creatives from all over the world and get access to work on challenging tasks that are mostly confidential. 

Are you in? – We are thrilled to see the best case studies of your work!


Show off with your best pieces of work that you have been creating. Inspire us and the community and make us crazy about inviting you to the next level.  Become part of the jovoto.private community and get access to awesome projects in 2014.

Task Definition

You are working on a high level of profession? You think your work is awesome? Others tell you your work is just outstanding? You are a career changer and reached a great level of profession? You are doing great work but feel shy? Give it a try – Simply upload your best pieces and provide some background informations to let us and the community understand your work. 

Campaigns, Product Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Illustrations, Architecture – everything’s welcome and we are excited to see your talent!

Target Group

The jovoto jury and creatives from all over the world!



Be clear. 
If you want to get invited to the professional layer explain your work that you uploaded with minimal text that nails your work. Those are the best ones. 

Mandatory requirements

Please upload at least 4 cases or pieces of your outstanding work that we get an idea of your great talent. 
Please add a short description that is very much to the point and helps us to understand the work you submitted here. (What was the goal of the job?)

Please make sure that you just submit work that is originally and genuine made by you.
If it is team work please define your part of the work. 

This project is exclusively for creatives that are not yet in the private layer. 

We are excited to see your talent!


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How do I know which level I am in?

If u can see the briefing of the private/confidential projects u are in the private group..and normally they will inform u if u are invited to private group.. :))

Thanks dear szach for your quick reply! = )

Secondly if you are in your user profile and do not see "upload portfolio" you are already invited to the private layer.

Ah.... then I am out. :) But I received that invite, so I was... surprised?

Dear CrossTheLime,

right – we have been thinking about that, too – but we wanted to inform everybody that this project is starting now, cause you can give everybody a nice welcome and take part by commenting and rating ideas, too.

Yours Jesko

Hai. I have some work, but there are some famous & big companies logo involved it. Can i submit it?

Hi LKK, If it's great work, we want to see it! However, in every case, you should make sure with the client if you are allowed to use the brand name or not in your portfolio! Best, Jess

I have no idea what the "next level " means, but if it means more good fellows to chat- why not -)

Hi tauko, On the jovoto.private layer there are even more professional projects to take part in! Good luck :-)

I see several level 2 designers joining this contest. I thought it's only for those who want to reach that level. Or am I wrong here. In my opinion it´s not a showcase for level 2 jovotans.

I thought so too... it says there in bold: "This project is exclusively for creatives that are not yet in the private layer. "

Hi there! Yes, you guys are absolutely right - this is stated clearly in the brifing :) And that is the whole purpose of the project.. So to all: Please really only participate if you are not yet in the private layer! Thanks!

Dear Dora,Can we participate?

ohhh i seee,, i'm sorry Dora, i don't see briefing about just only participate from not acces private layer.. :D ,Nice project idea, I think it's good opportunity for those who have no access to the private layer, very very brilliant, :D Thanksful for right direction Dora, so i just upload for publish my portofolio just it, :D

Hi there! zaarchitects & guzangga: You two are already much appreciated members of the private layer!

This project is for our community members who are not yet in the private layer. To avoid any confusion, we will take down the submissions of anyone who is already accepted in the jovoto.Private layer- However those of you already in level two, are of course invited to rate and comment the ideas of your fellow professional creatives!

Thanks! Jess

over 6 years ago

So, already have access to the private layer. That means I'm not allowed to participate?! Nice project idea, I think it's good opportunity for those who have no access to the private layer ;)!

Hi there :) Well, as you also said it: It's a good opportunity for those who have no access to the private layer. So yes, that is the purpose of the project! :) The answer to your question you'll find in the briefing: "This project is exclusively for creatives that are not yet in the private layer." Thanks Marco

Dora's right! We are though of course happy to see the rating and comments from everyone :D

over 6 years ago

Hi Dora & Jess, Okay, I just read and understood it right. I was just irritated because some creatives that are already on level2 submitted some ideas.

Happy New Year! P.S.: Thanks for giving me the access to the private layer, Jess. I'm still very happy about that :)

Best, Marco

Dear ALL,

This project is an opportunity for our community members who are not yet in the private layer to show there best stuff and get invited to our next level.

You can tell if you are in the jovoto.Private layer if you can see and participate in the private and confidential projects or if when you click on your profile, you no longer have the "Upload Portfolio" button.

To avoid any confusion, we will take down the submissions of anyone who is already accepted in the jovoto.Private layer- However those of you already in level two, are of course invited to rate and comment the ideas of your up and coming fellow professional creatives!

Thank you! Jess

There still are some level 2 members at the contest.

Hi Bert, Thanks, I'm on it. I'm waiting for responses before deleting the ideas, so it's taking a little while in some cases :-) Best, Jess

looks like the christmas period left some ...... welll this looks like a crazy briefing feedback .... why don't you put on the thumbnail "JUMP INTO PRIVATE CONTESTS" just an opinion because the problem is that normally people don't read the brief (LOL) so with something like this the ones that are already in private will know it's not for them .... or maybe not (new year is coming and..... ) well happy new years for everyone ;-))

Thanks for your suggestion! I will discuss it with the team to see if we make an update. Best, Jess

Dear joanaf,

= ) thanks for your suggestion. We will defenetly implement badges in your user profiles that will make it much easier to understand wich layer you are in during spring 2014.

Yours Jesko

Wow! Amazing work here!!!

Can anybody help me with editing problem? I can't dele some of pictures i uploaded. I posted some pictures just to show what's the theme of my work,and now I dont have enough space to put real work. When i click on the small trash can icon,picture is delited and than when i save my changes they are still there.

Karlo.. any slides u submit can only be deleted within the first 24 hours. After that they cannot be deleted by us. U can upload the rest of the slides and slide them to the first position in the edit idea. Use the arrow round icon on the side of the slides to change the order of the slides. Put a slide saying old slides after your new slides to show that what comes after is old slides.. And u can request Jess to remove old slides also..

Dear szach,

thanks for jumping in here and helping GajskiKarlo! Great to see you helping each other!

Dear GajskiKarlo,

I had a look at your submissions and everything seems to be fine now, right?

Best from Berlin! Yours Jesko

Jesko.. when I first joined Jovoto.. it was another creative who helped me out..so I try and help others the same way.. just carrying on a tradition.. :))

Who will be leveled up ? is the community ranking meters?

Dear achikuda,

thanks for asking! Its the Jury that will take the decision who will be leveld up and invited to the jovoto.private layer. The community ranking does not influence this.

Actually I am really happy looking at many great submissions and talents in this project – and excited to onboard them as soon as the submission period closed.

Of course we will official announce and welcome the new ones.

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

thanks for the answer :) it made clear the concept !

Dear All!

Thanks a bunch for your outstanding work and great spirit of this project! We are fascinated by the wide rage of ideas and some really outstanding work and talents here!

Its just 3 days to go until the end of the submission period. Please share our project announcement on facebook for the final spurt – to let all great talents know about it and take part, where ever they are. = )

We can´t wait for our Jury meeting to onboard the most awesome work and talents to the next level!

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

thanks again for being here and showing your outstanding work. The rating only period just started last week and there´s still 3 days to go.

Currently we have 353 submissions with 1489 slides from 120 submitters from 57 countries and 8604 ratings.

On jovoto we want to enable the community to choose the winners - so make the best submissions win! For sure we will do monitoring to ensure fairness within this process.

This week the Jury will start to have a close look into all submissions again – to invite and onboard the best creatives to the next level and welcome them to our jovoto.private community. Of course we will keep you updated and announce and welcome the new creatives officially.

Best from berlin on a sunny day!

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko, How long it will take to announce 2nd layer designers! thanks in advance

Thanks for asking, Arch1tect!

Unfortunately I am sick and doing home office today but we are curious to announce and invite the new talents as soon as possible. This week! = )

Yours Jesko

wish U fast recovery ! :) thanks for the answer

result is still not out...

how many people will u select in private layer?

HI there! There is no set number, we have to go through the entire project, which we will start beginning next week! Best, Jess

those who is going to be selected are missing a lot of projects now :( I do understand that you are very busy because of many hings, but could speedup a little bit! if you need any help community is ready to help ! :D

Thanks a bunch, dear Arch1tect!

Yes, indeed it took longer than we wanted it to be since we were facing some technical issues as well, but everything´s fine now. The private projects that are currently running are still open for at least a week so its still enough time.

I will personally care for onboarding today and tomorrow. So please fasten your seatbelt. = )

Yours Jesko

"The private projects that are currently running are still open for at least a week so its still enough time."

… but eventually "my idea" was already submitted …

Now you are in. = ) Welcome on board.

Dear All!

Thanks a bunch for showing your awesome work in this project! We were overwhelmed by seeing so many great talents from all over the world and took our time to have a look at all submissions to onboard the most professional talents to the next level.

We had 353 submissions with 1489 attachments – 120 submitters from 59 countries.

Today we are happy to announce that we could invite 55 creatives from all over the world to the next level and invite them to the jovoto.private layer. jovoto.private is a professional work environment to work and collaborate on even more exciting, mostly confidential projects.

We finalized the rating monitoring and are happy to announce the community winners, too. Big congrats to : Jeanmontilla, LTudoran, alex_dembo and Sven_Rose!

Currently we are working on a short video about this project to honor the most outstanding submissions and talents, that we are going to share with you as soon as possible.

Best from Berlin!!

Yours Jess, Jesko & The Jury

WOW!!! :))) Congratulations to all of you guys!!! :) Indeed, I saw many great projects in this contest and a bunch of talented people with high level of professional skills! Congratulations and wish you good luck in future projects!!! :)