Diploma project
Here are some pictures which i did for diploma project


Although Lucavsala Island has a strategically important position, that is, it is located at the center of the city, near the highways, and at a scenic place, the island is currently vacant. On the island, there are spaced stands of trees and shrubs, among which unique habitats and protected plants have been defined. It is important to develop a solution that would allow the city to use the valuable properties of Lucavsala Island as effectively as possible.

Evaluating the spatial sphere of influence, the project goal is to create an organic urban environment that would complement the current use of the island area-. The planning of land plots arrangement allows the creation of a favorable environment for living as well as easily accessible and convenient business operation area. An important factor in the development of this area is the establishment of a public waterfront and unique natural resources.

The Diploma project defines one of the possible island’s development scenarios that has been created accordingly to some of the existing challenges of urban planning and potential preconditions for urban development. It is an alternative concept that preserves and accentuates the Riga city landscape qualities, as well as to creates a human scale spatial-oriented development.

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