Proposed Floor Interior Decoration of the Community Hotel.
Three types of basically floor materials are combination to produce my conceptions for proposed the new floor decoration, Community Hotel in New York, U.S.A. Previous Client : Jovoto Designer : Amirul dated the Dha


There are three types of floor materials used: Marble stones, Wooden Ply and Mirror Glass which created my new conceptions to run in deep of my conceptions in new ideas to decorate the floor.
My main view to decorate the floor and create a Artificial environments within the Hotel Lobby to have a recreations, relax for Visitors/Clients.
The surface areas of the Lobby combination with Marbles Stones, Wooden ply and Mirror Glass (look water full of river artificially). The combination floors materials increase the decency, dignity and to create the natural the "Natural" outdoor views inside of the hotel.

Beside the Mirror Glass Floors created a Natural Environment in side the Hotel Lobby, shown ships are running, back side shown parking large sized ship in Cloudy back ground. This pleasure Natures in side Hotel Lobby, but in deeply thinking it comes in mind out door reality.  

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