“Earth is the Stage of Arts”.
“Earth is the Stage of Arts”, so this World is so beautiful. My cute Cat is named as “Miss Pinky” had enjoyed attentively watching FIFA -2010 and regular in evening in Television, Bangladesh. After few days it showed her addiction attention on FIFA -201


“Earth is the Stage of Arts”. Many things have been happening in the vast Earth, but all things are not coming in our knowledge. Here can mention about “Germany Astrologer Paul” had also contribution in the World Cup FIFA -2010 in the History.

So, this planet Earth is full of pleasure with the share of every Life as we are “one family members”

My pet Cat, Miss Pinky was regular enjoying FIFA -2010 in regular visitors in front of Television in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We love animals as like as our Children, so they also get much freedom what they Love to do enjoy. As my conception about animals that they have own choice, feeling but they could not talk as human but all others characteristics are not lesser than us, so we need to allow them share in this Planet Earth to get a beautiful peaceful environments in every where in this World.

Documentation Photographer-Engineer Amirul, Dhaka, BANGLADESH.

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