Branding Proposal " FRUSPERITA"
A logo Design it took place in a contest. I suggested the name and the motto and designed it also


<div> <div> <div> <p>The client was an&nbsp;<strong>Italian leading company in the production of UHT milk and cream.</strong></p>

Frusperità (branding idea)

<p>Frusperità stands for frutti (the Italian word for fruit)

and prosperità is the Italian for prosperity. The aim is to promote the picture of wellness which can be achie- ved with the consumption of the company’s products (eg juices) 


Stew in our juices (motto idea)

is a play on words, based on the English idiom “to stew in one's own juice”. Of course here it is used in a positive way to promote the picture of swimming in an abundance of the company’s products 

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