Graham Hill
Apartment in New York City (JOVOTO)


Apartment strongly reflects interest in making and operating things and desire to open place for different activities and easy-style leaving.

Functional zones:

Entrance - on the left side near the entrance are the storage for thin bike, and the storage for clothing and shoes. On the right side is storage for sports equipment, ladder and all material for minor repair at home or for bicycle repair, etc.

The kitchen is detached from the main room by the mobile cabinet (with shelves). This solution is masked kitchen, and you get a lot of storage space (the area in the kitchen for food, dishes, for fast meal and in living room area for TV, DVD, CD, books, mini bar…). You can move it depending on the needs.

Block in the kitchen that stands opposite the mobile cabinet contains everything that Mr. Graham requested: induction cook-top, small fridge, dishwasher, sink, system for composting, microwave/oven. Heating have been resolved through “Snake” heater (“Scirocco”). Read phonetically


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Read phonetically


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The bathroom is equipped with a shower with infrared Sauna Room, toilet, sink and storage.

MAIN AREA of the apartment is multifunctional. Necessary, it can be divided into zones.


The sleeping area can be divided with movable wall and a movable cabinet in two parts (for two guests and Mr. Graham (1/2 rotating cabinet)). Doors are part of interior design. If you need sound insulation these doors may be greater heights.


Home office area is part of the living room (1/2 rotating cabinet). Daylight is set correctly.


Dining area for 12 people is formed by “closing” the living room. In empty main area “Goliath” table has enough space. Everything you need for the guests you can get from movable cabinet (dishes, something to drink). 


“Spend time with friends” area can mixed with 2 sofas, 6 transformable – table – chairs or 3 MiEssrollo chairs. If you want you can have a lot of space for dancing, watching some move on TV or just enjoy and have some fun.