Jesse Leeworthy Design House
Jesse Leeworthy is a Melbourne based Product Design Engineer. His favorite shape is the triangle.


Jesse Leeworthy is a Melbourne based Product Design Engineer, he is a sessional Lecturer at Swinburne University and was recognized as the IDA-2011 Emerging-Product-Designer of the year. Through his passion for the environment and designing for longevity Jesse has begun creating a small mark on the design world.

Jesse Leeworthy opened his doors to his Melbourne based design house in early 2013, a space where he creates and develops an eclectic range of products and cultivates ideas. With a strong focus on design thinking and the philosophies behind user-product interaction, the final outcomes are calculated, evaluated and considered from various points of view.

Jesse emphasises the importance of material selection and attention to detail within his design process; focusing on the users’ perception of the product through texture, form and the eventuality of ‘wabi sabi’.

His passion for the environment is often reflected within his implementation of sustainable manufacturing processes and use of renewable materials. When sustainable materials/processes are unachievable Jesse aims to reduce the total impact through smart design and reduction of assembled parts.

Jesse graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a Bachelor of Product Design Engineering (Hons) and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. He has worked within various design consultancies throughout Melbourne and China and received a solid grounding working part-time at a rapid prototyping facility whilst at University. He has since returned to Swinburne University to lecture ‘plastic part design’ to third year design engineering students. Jesse aims to develop and refine his design house in order to produce and fund further concepts.

Jesse's favourite shape is the triangle.

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