STAIRS - generic
Project of modern stairs in different variations.


In the near future client will able to create his own stairs design, by using parametric interactive 3d webshop! 

Generic Stairs Project

Revolucionize your style of production and sales – transformē all your stairs range into united parametric stairs design!

Generic Stairs Project will be  the  world’s first parametriclally changable stairs design, that includes more than 600 various and different stairs projects.

We offer parametrically modifiable stairs project, which includes all stairs as well as many new  staircase models.

Idea core: Parametric product sales based not on the catalog of hundreds of finished staircases , but on one parametric stairs product , from which client can compose any product  by configuring of the interactive 3d model parameters .

Idea description:

Client cobfugures his fream ladder on your website by selecting 3d model parameters.

You can create interactive 3D online shop with interface of parametrically changable stairs 3d model .

Standard online store with a catalog of 550 different ladders is not a best thing - your client has to see 550 small JPG images - this tedious mechanical activity which might lead to a dead end buyer .

Now imagine that your site has only one interactive (parametric variable) staircase and the client can from this " super- ladder" by selecting options and compose any stairs from your range! In process of selecting options (style, shape, color , finish, dimensions, materials, balustrade , etc.) , the client in real time sees all changes as the appearance of the stairs , and her prices!

Client will be able create his personalized stairs in minutes!

The website visitor sees a 3D presentation of the product and can view, configure, compile and order the product from a shopping cart.

This new sales method , which can lead to increased sales and reduced maintenance costs.


Interactivity in choice and full automation of sales.

Creativity. Client participate in the creation of stairs. This increases the interest of the client and his loyalty. Customer becomes a collaborator, composer.

Adaptability. Customer does not choose a typical product, which often cannot fully satisfy the customer. Custom staircase maximally adapts to the needs of the client.

Cost savings on sales. Customers themselves can decide on staircase design so that the work of the consultants will be less.

Production efficiency - when creating parametric assortment the unification of parts and the variability of their composition - this will give the ability to produce a larger range of products for the same number of components.


Parametric 3d model - such model, which can automatically be changed with the choice of parameters in real time.

Parametric product - this interactive product, the parameters of which are chosen by the customer. One parametric product can be obtained by assembling technologically unlimited range of finished products.

Parametric sales system - is both ready to sale generic products, and in which the client creates his own product with a simple and interactive interface.


• Creation of a parametric model which includes all variations available range.
Creating Real-time 3d content for websites. We create real-time 3D models for viewing in a web browser. Ideal for online retailers, technology can give your potential customers an immersive, interactive way of previewing products. Giving your customers a small jpeg preview of your product isn't exactly cutting edge anymore. An interactive 3D model is the next best thing to visiting a bricks and mortar store and seeing the goods “in person”. Increase the conversion rates of prospective customers by giving them an impressive, interactive look at your products while they shop online. Making a product more tangible can help remove the last barrier to purchase. Exquisitely detailed 3D models are rendered directly in the browser using Java technology. As long as the end-user's browser has Java enabled, they will be able to view the model and, unlike other 3D web solutions, they won't have to install untrusted 3rd party plugins.

• Create interactive 3D web-shops. We create interactive 3D web-shops based on parametric product models. By using your own parametric models inside online product configurator, your organization is able to enter new markets, gain new opportunities, reduce costs and expand profits.

Accompaniment. Together with our resellers, we offer services, training, and insight and support wherever needed. Make your parametric implementation even more successful with one of our high-class workshops. Let us tell you and your colleagues everything about SEO, Google Analytics & Social media in connection with your own 3D configurator web-shop. Create value and make a difference! It is not only our mission to provide you a tool that you can use to create your own "interactive shop", but let us take you by the hand and together with our strictly selected partners provide a total solution of your 3D parametric web-shop. The ultimate goal is to give you the control of your own web-shop, so you can focus on your core business and gain higher profits. A brand new 3D web shop experience! A web-shop is an important part of the communication to the outside world for your organization.

How does it work?

1.  When an interactive 3D is opened, the client will be able to see a simple interface, which allows to enter the desired parameters.

2.  In each parameter menu, the value is selected (up to 30 parameters and each parameter will have up to 12 choices, or the exact number entry option, or slider).

3. While desired parameter values are entered, it is possible to see the changes in product 3D visualisation. The product 3D model could be rotated at any time to make sure that it looks good from all sides. After each change, it is possible to see the automatically generated price.

4. By clicking "Order". The Product parameter confirmation form will automatically be displayed, as well as the price and product 3D appearance. The following form is connected with the seller or auto buying process.









Generic project for main straight single-run internal living house staircase

Type: straight, helical, spiral, U, L, 1m2.


• Length: ____ or less.

• Height: ____


• Main material: timber, steel, concrete, stone, glass,

• Color: depends on choice of material

• Nosing: yes / no

• Style: open, thin, XtraLight, closed massive, closed monolith,

• Tread / Riser???


• No raling, on top, on side

• Material: timber, steel, concrete, stone

• Color: depends on choice of material

• Shape: cylindrical, box, plane


• Floating, triangle, horizontal, vertical, cylindrical,

• Material: timber, steel, concrete, stone, glass


• Yes / no

• Material: timber, steel, concrete, stone, glass

• Color: depends on choice of material

• Style: Open, Thin, XtraLight, Closed massive, Closed monolith, ZigZag, Minimalist, Bold


• No baluster, left, right, two-sided

• Height: 90cm, 110cm, 120 cm

• Main material: timber, steel, concrete, stone, glass

• Color: depends on choice of material

Style: Cells, EeSoffit, Mind Step, Slice, Formed, Tube, DNA Stair, Radial layer, Stack, Triskelion, Flower Spirals, Carbon Fibre, Leonardo

Spider Stairs

SpiderStairs - is probably the most lightweight stairs, which needs minimal amount of material for production. 


Description and bio-mimicry:

Cobweb is one of most effective constructive systems, which exists in nature.

Minimum material consumption creates strong and enduring design - this is what makes the Spider Stairs sustainable and cost-effective!

Geometry and sustainability:

Many sciences (bionics, bio-mimicry, and mathematics) proved that tesselation method used by nature always and everywhere is the most effective possible. 

Organic tesselation makes it possible to use a minimum consumption of material for the construction, without losing the structural strength.

A mathematical model of Voronoi diagrams describes this principle.

EeStairs is already using Voronoi diagrams for baluster design. Time has come to use it for structure as well.

The problem our idea is solving:  

Material consumption and lightweight, constructive strength and stability is the keys. Bionic Spider Stairs offer method to minimise weight, cost, eco-footprint and maximise constructive strength.



The ladder from the climbing ropes is produced by creating a network with nodes.

 Network created by using the Voronoi diagram.

Glass steps are fastened to the nodes.

Four metal newels fastened to the floor and the ladder strained.


Such technology is already used to build playgrounds, rope spider webs and these climbers are very popular with children and are relatively inexpensive.



• Minimum weight of the product and low material consumption - the price ladder can be less at times!

• Ladder spider easily folded for transportation and sell in folded form! As a result, transport costs will decrease at times! Low weight means less transportation costs.

• These stairs can be sold in any shop prefabricated!


Target group

Young families, green-thinking people, open-minded elder people.


Main idea:

Inspired by nature. Bionics, bio-mimicry, mathematic sciences proved that tesselation method used by nature always and everywhere is the most effective possible. Organic tesselation makes possible to use a minimum consumption of material for the construction, without losing the structural strength. A mathematical model of Voronoi diagrams describes this principle. Thanks to the digital morphogenesis, we can use the Voronoi diagrams to create shapes of the most efficient SpiderStairs. Behind the totally randomized appearance hides a strict geometry as can be found in natural systems like crystals, cells and molecular structures - the most efficient subdivision of 3dimensional space with equally sized cells.



Bonus and advantage of Voronoi tesselation usage is attractive organic look of the stairs. Shapes primarily designed for economic and sustainable factors, but in the same time trendous organic look appeared.



In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a special kind of decomposition of a given space, e.g., 

a metric space, determined by distances to a specified family of objects (subsets) in the space. These objects are usually called the sites or the generators (but other names such as "seeds" are in use) and to each such an object one associates a corresponding Voronoi cell, namely the set of all points in the given space whose distance to the given object is not greater than their distance to the other objects. It is named after Georgy Voronoi, and is also called a Voronoi tessellation, a Voronoi decomposition, or a Dirichlet tessellation (after Lejeune Dirichlet). Voronoi diagrams can be found in a large number of fields in science and technology, even in art, and they have found numerous practical and theoretical applications. 


Production process:

The product is parametrically designed. This means that all the production information could be derived just from the design, whether it would industrial robots with inverse kinematics, or assembly information for rope pieces.