An exemplary product to a packaging concept that aims to fuse product and packaging.


Anyone who has ever set up an apartment with self-construction furniture will know, that tons of cardboard waste will be generated. For precisely this living situation arose the idea to reduce the amount of waste by enhancing the short-living purpose of the packaging due to the integration into the product itself.

Cardboard is widely used in our economy and it is therefore very important to further optimize it's use and production cycle. Furthermore it is a very strong material providing excellent characteristics to be used in a furniture environment.

Freischwinger realizes this concept. It is a table lamp in reduced form: the supporting structure contains of four wooden sticks made of all kinds of used wood materials which are collected during the sanitation of old buildings. This structure is held together only by a textile cable and friction. The lampshade is pressed from the prepared packaging and put together by the users, which causes environmental awareness, as they are actively participating in the recycling process. The instruction manual is imprinted onto the packaging. Through the use of reusable materials Freischwinger is 100% recyclable.