Diploma Project
International Airport- Performing Identity


ID- architectural object as an extension of city identity- "an entity is defined by identity"

Most disciplines refers to identity, including Architecture. So, the identity is shaped in multiple ways according to different disciplines. According to Anthropology which is related to Architecture, the "limit" concept is used in order to define identity, to start recognition. In my project recognition plays an important role. With these axioms I' ve created a context which narrows the range of perception in order to express importance of "recognising identity" and using it as an argument in the architectural project.

The specifity of urban character- urban identity, place identity, local character
The idea of imagine the project context as a perpetuation of urban identity it could be expressed by substracting some specific elements which are directly reffering to specifity of Brasov city. So, the tradition of commercial activities and cultural networking which support urban identity in this case, it could be expressed in the project, in order to put the space consummers in situation to percieve and explore, to perform this identity.
Once the space consummers are exploring this place, it will be kept in their memory. They will appeal to the sequences of their interactions, their own experience in relation with the context. They will carry along the place identity and the architectural object memory.
These because for the most of the users, the airport could be their first and last impression about Brasov city.

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