In the post apocalyptic near future, our vehicle priorities will have changed. The roads will no longer be maintained and we will all need to be more resourceful to get around. Making use of underground salvaged technology, a new kind of vehicle will arise from the rubble of our former civilization. My vehicle design is a basic framework that can be adapted to suit specific uses. It travels well on all terrain including water. the DOOM BUGGY takes extended leaps rather than trying to fly. It is engineered to easily get up and over any and all obstacles. As soon as load is released from the wheels, wings mechanically deploy automatically, to maximize air time and soften the landing. Fully extended, the wings will keep the vehicle aloft indefinitely at high enough speed. Instantly upon landing, the wings automatically retract for protection. Although indestructible, the vehicle is minimally equipped in order to achieve the lightest possible weight for quick take offs. The seemingly heavy wheels are actually of a unique design that takes advantage of fluent double curvature for strength, and allows thinner construction. The future will belong to those with self sufficient mobility.