People all over the world use and discard disposable chopsticks every day.  They are usually made from inexpensive lightweight materials like cottonwood or spruce.  This is very economical in terms of operating cost, but the hidden environmental cost is unsustainable.  The human population keeps growing, while the forests keep shrinking.  To help remind us that time is running out, I created a functional consumer product which doubles as a piece of wearable protest.  The wristwatch is made from reclaimed discarded chopsticks.  It was important that the chopsticks still be recognizable in the final product.  Very little is wasted in the production process, and the inherent taper of the chopsticks is whats tapers the watchband thickness.  Titanium hardware serves as a premium high-tech contrast to the humble natural wood.  Ironically, it costs considerably more to manufacture a watch from old chopsticks than to start from raw lumber and shape it into chopsticks. This expensive watch makes a bold statement and invites dialog about the priceless things we throw away thoughtlessly.