Half the world uses iPhones religiously, despite the dysfunctionally scratch prone design.  This requires them to buy aftermarket protective covers.  I designed one that does more than guard the device from scratches and accidental button pushes.  It also functions as a base module for attaching accessories.  You can even use the system as a universal way to mount the iPhone to larger objects, such as a bedpost or car's sun-visor.   It is fully compatible with a very popular modular building system.  So it makes a vast range of existing parts conveniently adaptable for iPhone use.  These include: wheels, motors, gears, lights, and more; all of which can also be electronically interfaced with an iPhone software application via the standard IO port.  The product is made in a semiflexible plastic and easily snaps onto the iPhone5, locking over the screen edge for retention.  There are a wide variety of practical ways to take advantage of the 0937 modular system.  These can be as simple as snap on lenses and flash units for the iPhone's camera, or complete automated machines built around the iPhone as a controller unit.  Realistically, most people will just use it to personalize their iPhones with decorative colored blocks.  The basic 0937 kit comes with adhesive backed base plates, an assortment of colored pins, and a snap-together lens holder which accepts standard inexpensive glass lenses of any magnification.

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