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The basic idea is to create an open space, as bright and friendly as possible. Modern, healthy climate technology should be used.

To achieve this, the floor is lifted up  by half a feet (15cm). So there will be space for a small floor heating and additional storage space. The whole area remains wide and open.

Surfaces of furniture and are mainly white.  The polished white floor reflects the light in the depth of the room - the apartment is bright and spacious.

For maximum energy efficiency a sophisticated heating system is used.
A  combination of convection and radiant heating system seems to be right for this small apartment.
For rapid heating of there are gaps between the wooden boards.
The part of the pipes laid in the floor heats the ground floor and offers long-lasting radiant heat.
In summer, the same system used to cool the room.

Room air is constantly refreshed on a plant-based air cleaning system. The plants are supplied by a water storage over a longer period of time.
Andreaair principle:

I´d suggest to use  fully satisfying,  durable upholstery, instead of fabric-covered foam cubes, which wear out quickly.
"Tattomi" elements are comfortable two-seater sofas, relax seats and full-size guestbeds in one.
Also, the extendible table is to bought right now,  no special construction.

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