Super Flat
The Super Flat Project it’s focused on one person: Graham Hill.


The Super Flat Project it�s focused on one person: Graham Hill. The target and the aim of the idea it is to identify the space with its main user and the customer of this architecture creation. After a intensive survey through the world wide web, I realized that Graham had a wide public life uploaded in the net, so I thought it was important to focus the idea on him, in order to create an specific project specialized in supporting the different lifestyles that G.Hill has. Moreover  I covered all the briefing demands asked for this competition.

I have taken the space as a multipurpose open free area, that must be ready for all the different activities that Graham use to de develop every day as the multifunctional person he is. The office free working life style he has claims a space ready for fast changes from private areas to shareable spaces, with professional atmospheres or more friendly and relaxing zones.

 ****  What does Graham Hill�s need? ****

Shareable space

-          * Lounge café for  relaxing meetings

-         * Panoramic TV and  HI-FI Sound System

-         * (DPPS) Disco Pub Party system (soundproofing walls, ceiling and floor).

-         * 12 sits table for special moments

-         *  Creative Studio.

-          * WI-FI zone

-         * Workshop - working area (office atmosphere, for professional meetings or    videoconferences).

-         *  Gym (Optional)

Personal space

-          * 4 sleeping places: 2 twin beds, 1 queen space saving bed, and a articulated sofa

-         *  2 rooms in one space

-         *  Dressing room (full of possibilities).

-         *  A window space to think.

-          * Storage area: for the bicycle, the tool box, a Robot Servant Roomba some   furniture and Fitness-sport Stuff.


Spa zone

-          * Shower cabin with Steam room& hydromassage (all in one cabin)

Kitchen lounge.

-         *  Oven

-          * Dryer & washing machine

-          * Micro wave

-          * Refrigerator

* Storage 

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