LilyPod DryPod
Splitting up the Program into three pieces. Wet, dry/replicable, and the Rest


I put the wall for fixed and wet behind the main door, should be enough for kitchen and bath programs. Was thinking that the transluscency of the doors/openings into each align with the windows...
The "cube" is elevated bed, desk, and storage. Its pulled off the entrance wall for skinny bike storage, and pulled off the window wall enough to put in a second bed and hammock for everyday use. The cube has a spot for the Goliath table in its small size, and storage for the leaves, thereby intergrating a resource furniture item into our replicable item.
One more thing, that pod has potential for more, especially in a non orthagonal way. it can have bands of different shapes, be on wheels, unfold, whatever... this plan is just a start! :)