A lot of light and vivid colours can make you feel comfortable and relaxed like in nature.


I tried  to create comfortable and peaceful home which can easily be transformed when it is necessary.In usual situation, it have entrance with wardrobe,space for bike and toolbox, relax room, kitchen, dinning room and living room. Room on the left side can be easily transformed into office and space in front into waiting room. Some of the inner walls(which also serve as shelves) can be moved using rails on the floor and the ceiling.. You can move these walls(shelves) to the main wall and create dining room for 12 people. In walls(shelves) are hidden beds that can be used if that is needed.


Furniture should not be 

made of wood from the forest regularly, but instead, is made from

recyclable materials like bamboo wood, foam material, steel, plastic, aluminum

or recycled old furniture. With a litle sanding, you may be able to apply a fresh coat of paint  or stain to bring the old wood back to life.  kitchen wall is covered with recycled decorative brick.

Flooring- white wood stain 

Furniture -white wood stain, gloss white wood, foam-wood panels

light foam furniture.

A lot of light and vivid colours on the pillows  can make you feel comfortable and relaxed like in nature, but you can always put them away (I made space for that) and have more empty, minimalistic space.

LIGHT and  NIKO HOMe Automation(
I Choose LEDs in combination with a motion detector. The installation of

occupancy sensors will ensure that interior lights are turned off at

the appropriate time. These devices can reduce lighting costs by up to

40 percent by turning off lights in unoccupied areas(especialy bathroom,

and entrance area, kitchen).

I add insulation to exterior walls. That will not only increase comfort but also help to save on heating and cooling costs.
Floor Heating
acoustic-moving walls, and in wall wardrobe  are made of foam wood sandwich panels

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