FFS (Form follows space)
FFS (Form follows space) Design features: 1. Working of light 2. Sense of space 3. Simplicity


Hi All,

My name is Dirk de Jongh 21 years old  I am new to this website / community.. This is my first participation in a contest.

I checked out the designs that ware already there and it�s a great source of inspiration to see how different people tackle the same problems in their own way..

Another inspiration for us all could be The Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht (Holland) designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1924.

I am currently working on the design and constantly changing stuff, but I wanted to give you all a �sneak peek� what  I am working on. My plan is to update (show more)  it every week, so you can see the progress I make. The end product will be a total design which will include energy efficient ways  merged in to it.

My philosophy for this concept is a version of  FFF (Form follows function) but then more like FFS (Form follows space). Because of the small space ware we have to fit all the requirements in.

Design features:

        1.       Working of light
        2.       Sense of space
        3.       Simplicity

1.A critical part will be the use of light. Not only the external light but also the internal light that can give a great sense of space. 

 2. For me the sleeping spaces have to be situated by a window for ventilation precipice as well as the sensation of the night/day  time when you sleep.

 3. Despite the small space Its critical for me that the beds mattress  should be one part. And not a folding type because the times I slept on a bed whit a mattress made-up of several parts it was just not comfortable.  And for me the essence of every interior design needs to be comfort .

I don�t want the design to be like a puzzle what I mean by that is: If you have a table its essential for me that it�s not build up out of a lot of parts let�s say 4 or more. And that you need to put it together yourself.

C&C most welcome

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