11 a.m.
The concept: A SINGLE SPACE that transform it´s SELF, transform it´s COLOR, transform it´s LIGHT.


The  light study reveals that the apartment is not light enough, even during the day.
=> the need to use:
    - light reflective materials,
    - a constant source of light,
    - and avoid opaque partition walls.
Thanks to the configuration, the apartment can benefit from mechanical ventilation, natural, free without additional energy consumption.
=> the need to use:
    - Open space.
    - Temporary mobile division.
    - Avoid static walls.

     Based on these simple guide lines, we created a single room, which can be transformed, depending on the activity of the moment (no need for bedroom while serving dinner with friends).
We managed to include 11 different activities, so 11 rooms.
Because of the concept, the bathroom and the kitchen may be included in the main room, as part of it (without any visual incovinient) or can be completely separated.
     1.  WHITE ZONE:
              Totally open-space, full of light,  easy ventilation, perfect for: dance, play, gym, mega-party.
      2. HOME THEATER.
      3. LIVING
      4. DINNER for 12
      5. CONFERENCE for 10
      6. BEDROOM
      7. BEDROOMS
      9. HOME OFFICE
      10. BATHROOM
      11. KITCHEN

We used light reflective materials and translucent materials in order not ¨ to block¨ the light.
After we conducted a research in the field of green systems, we decided to propose as a model, for implementation, these technologies:
- HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION, source: www.ecobuild.ie
- UNDERFLOOR HEATING SYSTEMS. source: www.underfloorheatingsystems.co.uk
- COLT SHADOVOLTAIC SYSTEM - designe by Colt International Ltd-
        source: www.coltinfo.co.uk
- FIBER OPTIC SOLAR LIGHTING -designe by HUVCO, L.L.C. - source: www.huvco.com
       source:  www.designodyssey.co.uk
- EcoVéa -designed by REVEECO- 
         source: http://reveeco.netedit.info/84/home.reveeco


We believe that we should not give �personality� to the place (because it is not ours to give - but the owner�s - and we don�t really know him  and trying to guess his personality seems wrong).
The concept should provide a possible solution for handling space, finding problems and answers (lighting, ventilation) ... but the final touch that will turn the place into what we call "home", should belong to the owner.
As we like to say: �create the playground but let children invent the game�.
But we  have provided some images of possible materials and colors.