The emphasis of this design is on speed and functionality. Bamboo is the main design component.


NYC moves fast. You're a CEO, a sportsman, an entertainer and an architect. You don't have time to move around walls and disassemble and re-erect your digs on a daily basis.

The mantra for this design is "flip-up and close shut". Almost everything can be hidden.

Want to hide the bamboo table? Flip it up. That simple.

Murphy bed? same thing.

Kitchen messy? Close the opaque shade to let the light in and hide the mess behind it.

Bedroom dirty? Close the door. You get the idea.

It's fun, it's simple, ecofriendly and the basic concepts and easily reproducible to other spaces.

When it's all flipped up you have plenty of space to work and entertain.

Aesthetically it's a mix of classic NYC elements with a modern focus. To make the apartment cohesive to the others in the building the main door and bedroom door are painted red (same as color on outside of doors in building).

For heating there will antique radiant heaters (not yet shown, part of future design). One in the main space near the stove, the other in the bedroom near the door.  Keep in mind that this is a small space that is fairly easy to keep comfortable. Keep it simple. Hot water goes into the radiator and heats the room. There is no need for "multi-zone" heating coils in the floor. Those cost thousands of dollars and just over-complicate things.

There are three main materials being employed with the design. Bamboo (in various forms), aluminum, corrugated steel and recycled glass paneling.

Bamboo Flooring wall to wall.  It's durable, fairly inexpensive and holds up for many decades.
Bamboo Paneling: All the cabinetry and benches are made from bamboo planking.
Bamboo textiles: The cushions on the benches and couch pillows are organic bamboo fabric.
Bamboo Window treatments: The slats on the blinds are bamboo
Flip-down bamboo table with extend-able end leaf.
Flip-down bamboo construction Murphy bed. 

To add to the theme bamboo dishes and kitchenware could be employed.

The underside of the bamboo table as well as the front of the legs will be primed and painted with high luster projector screen paint. No need for projector fabric with this paint.

Dinner Mode
Entertaining mode
Daily-life mode
Office mode
Movie Mode

Each mode is extrapolated in the coming slides.

Luxury items:
- Fully enclosed steam shower with seat in bathroom. 
- Built-in commercial grade espresso maker. Water source, large bean hopper.
Just hit the button and you have a fresh coffee with no measuring.
Space to fit a full size bike (not just fold-up) bike with room to spare for other items. 
- Actual furniture. The Eames  Couch (or full size couch of your choosing) means you won't be sitting on a three-inch hard foam cushion. Sit on a hard foam pad or an Eames couch? The choice is obvious.
- An Eames Aeron office chair. Arguably the most comfortable office chair in the world.  Eames chair or a hard plank? Make the choice.
- Large projection screen.
- Dual Smartboards on underside of Murphy bed.

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