In sight, in mind
Celebrating the unique character of activity based domestic spaces interconnected within the home.


Architecture of spatial complexity based on sensory material richness.


Our proposal consists of an interconnected series of spaces around the notion of dwelling. The existing volume of the apartment is simultaneously considered as a single entity (the �home�), whilst being broken down into a hierarchy of functionally and sensually differentiated spaces. The aim is to achieve a feeling of being in a range of spaces, whilst always remaining a sense of the whole � avoiding feeling cramped whilst also creating and exploiting views within and without.


We have ensured that every space receives daylight from each of the four windows. The space is divided longitudinally by the kitchen and bathroom �spine� with communal space to the north and private zones to the south. The lounge seating �ziggurat� forms the central connective bridge between all the spaces, with bedroom and kitchen to the east receiving morning sun and street views, whilst the office and bathroom receive the evening sun. Shoes and bikes are stored by the entrance. We have strived to set up visual connections and explore verticality through changes in level through the terraced seating and raised bed area. Whilst retaining full headroom over the bed, the increased height creates a privileged nesting position and a strong relationship to the apartment�s prime window � further enjoyed with the introduction of a window seat. Visual connections through various openings and degrees if translucency aim at creating an awareness of both the body's movement within the space, as well as the physical size of the dwelling in it's totality. This is reflected in the title, being a reversal of 'Out of sight, out of mind'.


This sense of acknowledgement is of course a key idea in today's dicussion of environmental issues, and one which we believe should start in the home. A necessary step towards living a less cluttered life with less 'stuff' is to gauge exactly how much stuff you have in relation to the dwelling space that you occupy. We fully appreciate the desire stated in the brief to eliminate knick-knacks and clutter, but we believe that if you are living with less possessions then everything should be beautiful or special in some way. Our design will seek to provide thoughtful spaces for display whilst potentially retaining an option conceal objects when required.

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