... a center - a place - where the needs and structures are organized from ...


SUITE �21 - Living timeless into the 21th Century -


The Idea of the design is to generate a center where the daily live and all structures are organized from.


The counter is the heart of this idea. It divides service and living areas while connecting them. For example can the kitchen extended to the counter, or the shower/washing area can be connected (and closed) and used as a laundry with steam room opportunity.


The main use of natural materials such as wood or stone gives the room its everlasting timelessness. The spatial use of colors will load up places with its special character and individuality.


The design considers two people living in the apartment. The structured floor plan will provide opportunity�s to feel apart with some privacy. For example: 1. working while your partner sleeps 2. The WC can�t be seen 3. Shower is separated from the WC room 4. Master bed is hideable  . . .



The Counter serves for your daily needs like breakfast, bar, bike repairs, storage space and more. When you come home it welcomes you. The communication system is right in front of it beside the entrance.


On the counter wall � where the slide wall is stored � you can put your messages or postcards on.


The shoes are stored ahead of the counter and the counter seat is great for putting them on or off. Inside of the seat can be your Strida bike very easily put away.


The ceiling comes down and makes you comfortable while having a seat. Within that ceiling is a field integrated which provides light in a natural and smooth way.


Also Fridge and rolling office chests are stored inside of the counter.



The Living space is oriented southwards to the light and outside life. This space provides you with several functions like sleeping, working, leisure, dinner or just one big open space. Several functions can be left opened up without losing room quality.


The Living area stands on a small step with 4�� and is connected with a flat ramp at the entrance side and with one step by the laundry.

The room size and quality will let you have great dinners for every purpose and every season.



The Slidewall is an intelligent way to generate several functions required. Pull it out of the slot and use it as a dividing wall, sofa, guest bed or turn the hole wall into a generous dinner or card table.


The dinner seats will be stored above the slidewall slot and have further functions like the under construction for the sofa or guest bed.



The Entertainment and Working Panel - integrated within the visible brick wall � serves for many purposes too. When the working table is turned out � and the office chests rolled under it - , the panel offers a 30�� spot for work. At the rest of the time you can put on the whole panel atmospheric images, TV or business conferences.



The Main window extends slightly from the street facade to generate identification within the urban context. Beside identity it gives you a great place to have a seat to get inspired by the outside life.



Ecological and economic thoughts. The fact that two people could live in the 39m2 apartment � happily - is very ecologic and economic. The inside insulation on the outside walls will reduce heat losses rapidly and the integrated and visible brick wall provides � beside the great decoration � thermal mass for storing heat in the summer- and wintertime! Alternatively � or in addition - could be considered of a visible stone/clay floor.


All materials for the floor the walls and paneling�s can be made out of massive- or recycled wood. Wood materials store co2 and can be easily reused again.


The overall design meets consideration whish are everlasting � in taste and wearing - and will give you good reselling and renovation options again.



The Storage spaces are in place where you need them. The Design provides you with 550 QF of Storage space.


The Thinbike can be stored - vertically - inside a cupboard beside the entrance and the Strida within the Counter seat.


Best regards, Claas-H. Bläubaum