casa girandola
Flexible and multifunctional


in this update I tried to understand better the possibilities of the movable elements. I still think that flexibility of the space is the keyword, so the walls are to be reduced to the bare minimum, it is important to try to give the possibilitiy of some privacy (sliding panels) and things needed for living (beds, tables, etc.) they can be stored somewhere and taken when needed. (A little bit like the Shakers, if you will... ) 
There's also a version with a central fixed core, that I will upload shortly. 
Thank you everybody

In such a small space I think the key word must be flexibility, therefore, except for the areas that normally require privacy, the space I thought of is open but flexible.

A central core (the "girandola") divides the space, and is made of modular elements which contain a "surprise": one is a bunk bed container, another a queen size bed, the third contains a cabinet and the door to the steam room (could just be a deposit) and the last is the kitchen pantry. Each element contains one or two sliding doors, (in order to divide the space when necessary) and a vertical illuminated slot.

My first idea was to make these elements as self standing pieces, sliding on ceiling tracks above and wheels below.

Furniture is informal, shapeless like the proposed sofas or like the tables for dining, which are tables, mirrors and lamps. In such a small space (with high requirements) I think  that everything should be multifunctional.

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