The simplicity of living in a small comfortable jewel box.


I wanted to create a comfortable place and above all friendly.
The kitchen, leaning on a wooden floor, is raised to the base of the window, creating the necessary space to hide the bed and the Roomba.
There are a column with drawer refrigerator, microwave oven, an induction cooktop on base with drawers, a storage on the corner, a dishwasher, a sink on the corner, and a storage.
The kitchen window is replaced with an opening just above the work surface. No openings are positioned on the sides of the wall units.
The three steps to the kitchen can be opened to the top so we can accommodate shoes or whatever.
On the wall that divides the kitchen from the rest of the space there�s a double sliding door with a small parapet for safety, so you can take advantage of the light from both sides and facilitate the exchange of air.
The bathroom, which is accessed through a sliding door, has a toilet, washbasin with mirror, column wall that conceals the instantaneous water heater, whereby you can save energy for the time to reach the hot water temperature . Each tap has an aerator, a simple device that mixes air and water to halve water consumption.
The shower is connected by a sliding glass door to the small infrared steam room.
Thanks to a folding wall, with the two central elements coated with a magnetic board to be able to hang pictures, drawings, notes, etc. ..., the area south-west is closed to create the necessary privacy for the bedroom.
Moving two chairs and two pouff we can also create a room with two comfortable chaise-lounge ...
To remove the bed on wheels, simply open the door with flap opening and leave it open when the Roomba are running and must return to the charger.
The wall is furnished with a large wardrobe with two sliding doors, a container column, three open tables, if necessary be used comfortably by 12 people, three containers on wheels and three wall units.
The north-east wall is furnished with "Home Office� of Furniture Resource, two bookcases flanking the cabinet-tv station, and a large closet / cabinet with sliding doors where you can store bicycles, folding chairs, and everything that is locked when you sublet.
Here find place MacBook Pro 17'' and 31''monitor with Cisco Telepresence Umi.
The Amina in-wall speakers are positioned in pairs (ideally above the head height) above the shelves that surround the upper part of the furnishings in these two walls.
The central area of the apartment is furnished with six armchairs "Andromeda" of Resource Furniture, two pouff, and two colored tables.
The floor is laminated flooring and is much more durable than wood, does not scratch the furniture moving on wheels, it can be cleaned with any detergent natural and can be disassembled and reused three times.
The radiators are isolated by a special reflector to be placed behind them to avoid scattering from exterior walls and are equipped with a thermostatic valve to regulate the heat.

I hope that Google has translated well�

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