Living in the Future
Changing the space should be effortless. And how often do you really need to change it?


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It must transform.

Although, it's not about how much transforming it can do.

It's about how much transforming it can do with ease. I believe great design enhances and simplifies our lives. Design should make things easier. Whether it's making the bed, or rearranging things, we should look to minimize the effort involved, and in this case, always have the apartment look presentable. How much change to Graham's space is really necessary anyway? Let's analyze how the space will be used.

25 years later

Analysis of user needs is critical because this gives us the insight to design the best plan. Surfaces can be repainted, re-upholstered, and altered, but the plan will determine if a transformable apartment works over time.  I really like this quotation of Charles Eames, who stresses the importance on function: "What works good is better than what looks good. Because what works good lasts." How will it look in 25 years? Let's design a plan with the flexibility that it will be sure to last 25 years, and let's choose natural materials & finishes that will age well with time. The test of time? A successful transforming apartment, must be based on a thorough understanding of how the space is used, day to day, and provide flexibility for unanticipated, future needs.

A thoughtful plan & the requirements

I have tried to go a bit beyond the requirements by adding a few bonus features based on a thoughtful consideration of the plan (in fact, you can see sketches from the first stages of this process on p. 41)

1. I've provided an enclosed bedroom and a small lounge, since most of the time, you may prefer an enclosed bedroom. Putting away the bed is an option, not a daily requirement. But I've also made it possible that you can double the size of the bedroom if you'd prefer to change things up once in a while (see alternate configurations p. 22). Both bedroom options offer visual privacy and are equally acceptable. This plan is open-ended and flexible.

2. I have found space in this plan to allow for simultaneous dining and lounging. Dine in the west, lounge in the east; you have a living room and dining room at the same time, no moving walls or fussing when guests are over. Seamlessly move between lounge and dining functions, before and after dinner. This is unique!


Can you imagine scents of a really great eco space? Start thinking about the fresh smell of natural wool carpet, a cedar steam room, the lack of VOCs in paint, and you get where I'm going to take you! A fresh, clean open air smell floats in the apartment.


It's achievable to replicate this apartment in 2 ways; 1 use a methodology which allows you to tackle any plan or individuals needs, 2 adapt physical solutions used in this apartment anywhere else, goliath table, glass walls, etc.


I hope to design a beautiful space that not only meets the requirements, but one that makes changing the apartment, an effortless pleasure. Avoid changes 94% of the time, or change things with ease as often as you like.

Many thanks.

Theo Richardson.

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