The concept of the project is simplicity, comfort and functionality. Precisely functions determine the inner content.

Functional zones:


On the left side near the entrance the doorway is widened in plane of the storage system of the north wall till 40 inches for the convenience.

The kitchen is detached from the main room by the mobile partition. This partition also can be stationary according to the customer�s desire.

The partition is rail-guided. It is made of transparent glass covered with a mirror sputtering or film from outside.

The glass filling piece between the kitchen and the bathroom is matt and is covered with a mirror sputtering or film from the bathroom side.

Thus the kitchen has enough light when using it during daylight hours. The matt glass does not give the possibility to see what happens in the bathroom but still it creates a certain intrigue.


As far as Graham (the Customer) characterizes himself as a lazy person so one can suppose that he would probably use his kitchen for cooking not very often. That�s why the variant with the mobile partition which will hide the kitchen for most of the time is preferable.

There is a folding window in the partition for fast access to the coffee machine, juicer, induction cook-top, microwave/oven and so on. This folding window also can be used as a dinner table for 1-2 persons.

Besides when the partition is closed you can easily get to the sink, drawer with dishes and to the small refrigerator.  Thus, even after a dinner-party for 12 persons we can easily clear the table without moving the partition.

The decision to place the kitchen at this exact place and not near the window at the entrance can be explained by the fact that it is better not to mix the dirtiest zone (shoes, bicycle) with the kitchen zone where cleanness and hygiene are the most important things. Moreover it seems more convenient to come in, sit down on the podium and take off your shoes, especially in case when there are some guests. Thus you get the full fledged guest-zone or hall.

The kitchen is equipped with storage for food, storage dishes, induction cook-top, smart system for storing non-perishable food, small fridge, dishwasher, sink, system for composting, microwave/oven.


The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, bath, shower and a steam room for 2 persons.  The bathroom is soundproof. Ventilation, sewerage and water supply (hot and cold) remain without changes.

Materials: travertine, wood, glass.




Sleeping area /guest zone (up to 12 persons)/ lounge zone are interchangeable, depending on the situation.

For sleeping there is a folding double bed - Resource Furniture Space Saver, Ulisse.

To the right and to the left from the bed there is a storage system for benches  which will be used for lounge zone or during dinner-party for 12 persons. The lounge zone is equipped with a film reader compatible with Macbook Pro and Telepresence system for comfortable rest and watching  movies.

Home office

At the north wall there is a place for home office equipped with the monitor Mac 31`` and Macbook Pro 17``. It is arranged in such a way that permits to use Mac 31`` both for work and entertainment. The home office zone and sleeping area can be separated by a mechoshade.  Material can be semitransparent or non-transparent according to the customer�s desire.

Working zone

Near the northern wall there is a mobile toolbox for minor repair at home or for bicycle repair, etc.

Storage system

All the units along the linear walls can be used for storing clothes, sports kit, tools and so on. Such arrangement of storages provides natural sound proofing. Under the podium near the entrance zone there is a place for storing a Thin Bike.


Floor covering - self-leveling floor with 3D wood image is preferable, for cheaper variant � wooden floor covering.

Simple and clear lines, light colors and natural materials are specific for this interior.

Plants: anthurium, crassula.


In the final variant of the project it was decided not to use the central heating. The pipes are supposed to be hidden in the walls or arranged as close to the walls as possible.  The ventilation system with Heat Recovery (as variant �Meltem� with the possibility of automatic control (iPhone iPad) substitutes for the central heating.

For water saving it is proposed to use Smartboy Instant Off or Aerator Economic Turbo which allow saving up to 80% of water.

For lighting LED lights are used.

All household appliances including heating, ventilation and lighting are controlled through iPad.

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