High energy efficiency apartment.



Hill�s apartment is the first US construction to meet LEED�s new certification standards

for Gold Medal of less than 5 kW/SF/yr. First proposed by the USGBC in 2009 and

adopted in 2012 to replace the old prescriptive values with new performance

based standards Gold = less than 5 kW/SF/Yr (Silver = less than 10kW and Bronze

= less than 15kW.) It was not until 2014 that a Platinum standard ( 0 kW) or

better was adopted and named the McDonough.

Natural materials, wool carpet, cherry wood vanity and kitchen counter tops, and backsplashes, cork flooring, and glass sliding doors. Assumed replacement of existing windows.
Seating for 12 is provided with Gio Ponti "Super Leggera" (Arm style) chairs which are stored normally on Shaker racks.
Room provided for bike storage at door, hung vertically.
Air distribution through a duct concealed in a perforated metal suspended ceiling.Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).

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